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Values, Principles & Approach

A prosperous, caring and proud community reflected in the achievements and aspirations of the people.

Values, Principles & Approach

The current level of economic development within the Shire and the factors that have and are continuing to influence development.
The pressures and opportunities for Gunnedah businesses arising from developments at both the Shire and regional level.
Opportunities for Gunnedah Shire to support, capitalise on and benefit from new and emerging industries.
Opportunities for Gunnedah Shire to diversify and strengthen its economic base in a sustainable and balanced way.
Opportunities for Gunnedah Shire Council to promote Gunnedah Shire and attract new businesses.
Projects within the Shire that Gunnedah Shire Council can focus on to stimulate growth.

Strategy Aim

To develop the local community into one where people wish to live, work, invest and enjoy.

Strategy Objectives

Engaging and Supporting the Community
 Community leadership encouraged and strengthened
 Local coordination of funding from national, state and local sources
 Funding of local facilities and services through mining royalties
 Population increases through targeted promotion of the Shire identity and opportunities
 Retention of our young population through increased employment and social opportunities
 A well engaged community that is involved indecision making processes
 Access to education and training opportunities.

Building Our Shire’s Economy
 Our economic employment base diversified
 Our infrastructure strategically managed
 Access to our goods, services and markets
 Our identity and reputation promoted to tourists
 Entrepreneurs and developers contribute to local economic growth.

Retaining Our Quality of Life
 Our older residents provided with the comfort and respect they deserve
 Enhanced access to essential services
 Improved housing affordability
 Villages are sustainable
 Our younger people attracted, retained and developed
 Entertainment facilities, cultural development opportunities, equipment and stimulation for community members of all ages
 Recognise and support our Cultural activities.

Protecting and Enjoying Our Beautiful Surrounds
 Balance between development and environmental protection
 A secure and high quality water supply
 Investment in new technologies and renewable energy
 Dealing with our waste
 Manage our exposure and contribution to the changing climate
 Enhance our Streetscapes in Gunnedah and Villages

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