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Values, Principles & Approach

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Values, Principles & Approach

Sustainability: Sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
Innovation: Commitment to finding new solutions.
Partnership and Inclusiveness: Collaboration with others and considerations of their needs and aspirations.
Leadership: Leadership and encouragement of/in others.
Equity: Fairer access to benefits of growth and change.
Adaptability: Planning to change and being adaptable when faced with it.
Integrated Planning: Planning and implementation of actions undertaken through an integrated planning process.

Strategy Aim

Promote economic growth, business development and diversification, with a focus on strengthening the agricultural industry.

Strategy Objectives

The key objectives for Agriculture are as follows:
Objective 1: To protect the productive agricultural land base and the valuable regional resource of irrigated land.
Objective 2: To support developing and emerging agribusinesses and their increasing requirement for high technical infrastructure.
Objective 3: To develop and promote the municipality as a regional centre for food and primary industry research and development.
Objective 4: To ensure the sustainable development of business in strategic locations and to minimise conflicts at the urban fringe/agricultural land interface

The key objectives for Activity Centres are as follows:
Objective 1: To provide increased opportunities for local job creation.
Objective 2: To develop the Shepparton CBD as the regional centre for commerce and entertainment.
Objective 3: To revitalise the CBD and improve the urban design and architectural standards of retail/commercial areas.
Objective 4: To develop and maintain a hierarchy of viable activity centres by retaining local and visitor spending in the municipality
Objective 5: To encourage and promote the location of bulky goods/peripheral sales and highway services in locations which are accessible and appropriately serviced.
Objective 6: To revitalize and sustain the centres of Mooroopna and Tatura for a range of commercial and business functions.

The key objectives for Industry are as follows:
Objective 1: To sustain a growing and diverse industrial base.
Objective 2: To locate industrial uses effectively, by utilising existing and planned infrastructure, and consolidating the existing main industrial areas.
Objective 3: To improve the urban design and architectural standards of industrial areas.
Objective 4: To realize an integrated freight logistics centre to link the major freight corridors through the municipality.

The key objectives for tourism are:
Objective 1: To ensure a sustained level of growth in tourism, including promotion of the unique tourism opportunities of the irrigated rural landscape and the food growing and processing industries.
Objective 2: To provide tourist services which suitably meet the needs of visitors to the municipality

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