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Values, Principles & Approach

To create a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can reach their potential, gain the skills and education they need for success in life, and be part of a prosperous economy where all trade, manufacturing and business activity flourishes

Values, Principles & Approach

An economy where:
• inclusion and respect are central to our culture
• residents have the opportunity to increase their levels of skills
• more residents can find jobs that fully utilize and reward their skills
• businesses recognize the benefits of innovation and sustainable business practices
• ambition and leadership are fostered
• there are better connections with markets and ideas within the region and beyond
• more local people benefit from the economy
• prosperity is measured by well-being rather than just by economic wealth
• an increasing proportion of the region’s energy is sourced from sustainable forms, and
• the region invests in the capacity for future resilience – in people, place, and opportunity.

Strategy Aim

1. Education, Training and Skills Development: Improve opportunity and access for all residents to gain the necessary skills and education they need for success in life, and to enable them to successfully participate in and contribute to the local economy.
2. Business, Industry and Employment: Establish a prosperous and diverse commercial environment where advanced business services, sustainable manufacturing, and other knowledge intensive industries, dynamic local enterprises and a skilled workforce engage productively together.
3. Economic and Social Well-being: Enhance the community’s sense of well being and quality of life for all people living in the locality by encouraging access to public goods, fostering a culture of social responsibility and inclusion, and enabling greater participation in the workforce.
4. Local Government Leadership in Sustainable Development: Invest in public infrastructure and partnerships which meet the current and future needs of businesses and residents and promote the City as a leader in sustainable development.

Strategy Objectives

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