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Values, Principles & Approach

In ten years the district will leverage further from a strong and developing local economy that is supportive of existing and new business activity together with increasing employment opportunities.

Values, Principles & Approach

Ensure a cohesive, united level of governance that provides customer service excellence in all aspects of Council’s operations;
Network and market economic development opportunities targeting business expansion/ relocation and residential relocation;
Maintain and enhance public open space areas for active and passive recreation to enhance the lifestyles of residents and visitors alike;
Continue to provide an effective and sustainable community service role both within Council and the region;
Provide ongoing support to the Australian Celtic Festival and assistance to other community and cultural events within the local government area;
Continue the development of the Glen Innes Regional Saleyards Business Plan and three to five-year redevelopment proposal; and
Support tourism product development, destination marketing, industry co-operation and expansion aligned with consumer trends

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1. A diversified economy that is aimed primarily at sustainable agriculture, new technology businesses, tourism opportunities, aged care related services and local investment in our existing and emerging businesses which produces an injection of new capital into the community.
2. Furthering the business customer base to include the population within the three-hour drive market (Grafton, Tenterfield, Inverell, Armidale, Tamworth and southeast Queensland towns of Stanthorpe and Warwick).
3. Providing a community culture of ongoing learning that will give educational opportunities needed for our emerging industries and research capabilities. These would also be compatible with local business opportunities on a range of levels through improved export potential or value-adding industries.
4. Focusing on increasing job opportunities through developing new and entrepreneurial businesses that identify with well paid, meaningful and satisfying positions for the youth of the district.
5. Sustaining our traditional, regional rural industries, strongly supported by our streamlined and accredited sale yards showing high throughput and low costs.
6. A social framework in which provision is made for a lifestyle and health that satisfies the residents’ desire for educational, recreational, social and environmental facilities.

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