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Values, Principles & Approach

Vision — Glen Eira 2031: Glen Eira will be a city of walkable neighbourhoods that are centred on a network of vibrant, socially inclusive and well designed activity centres, providing for the needs of and reflecting the character of their communities.

Values, Principles & Approach

1. Update strategic vision for municipality (Municipal Strategic Statement).
2. Undertake structure plans (or similar precinct planning approach) for Glen Eira’s activity centres.
3. Engage with community to develop an Integrated Transport Strategy.
4. Undertake a major heritage review across Glen Eira.
5. Explore opportunities to integrate public realm improvements with private development or planned state or Council infrastructure works.
6. Introduce developer contributions for public infrastructure across change areas.
7. Update Council’s Open Space Strategy and policies.
8. Introduce tree protection policy for new developments.
9. Undertake precinct-wide car parking and traffic plans that include future thinking solutions, such as introducing new parking planning provisions across activity centre areas.
10. Review and update Council’s Business Development Strategy.
11. Review Census data when released (mid-2017) to determine and plan for employment trends within the municipality.
12. Review and update Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement and local policies to integrate policies that respond to the changing economy and employment trends.
13. Carry out detailed consultation with the community about building design and development guidelines.
14. Undertake a precinct by precinct review of development controls for each neighbourhood.
15. Implement new environmental and water sustainable design policies

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1.1 Culturally rich communities: Our activity centres will be culturally rich places, reflecting the unique characteristics and aspirations of their local neighbourhood.
1.2 Create places for people: We will continue to create open spaces that contribute to the recreational, physical and social needs of all community members.
1.3 Connected neighbourhoods: We will ensure that population growth is supported by a range of sustainable travel choices that reduce car dependency, including walking; cycling; motor cycling; and public transport. Simultaneously, a strategic approach will be taken to mitigate car parking and traffic issues.
1.4 Better quality and greener streetscapes: We must improve the walkability of our neighbourhoods by increasing pedestrianization of our centres and ensuring safe and convenient access for all members of the community.

2.1 More local jobs — less commuting: We must reduce the negative impacts of commuting by improving the number of local jobs in our City, in particular, through the creation of new office space for professional employment.
2.2 Foster human experiences by strengthening the heart of the community: Our activity centres will become the centre of community life, thanks to contemporary well-placed and well-serviced community hubs and experience based businesses.
2.3 Build a thriving local connection economy: We will support a thriving local business economy that is built on strong connections and collaboration.
2.4 Vibrant night-life and weekends: We must proactively foster our centres as vibrant night-life and weekend destinations through the creation of additional floor space designated to hospitality uses.

3.1 Provide housing for all: We must plan for the housing needs of the community and ensure that diverse housing options are made available to accommodate all situations and aspirations.
3.2 Respect amenity and local character: We must plan for the right development in appropriate locations by encouraging buildings that respond to their immediate urban context.
3.3 Plan for the future housing needs of the community: We must proactively plan for change by considering the future needs of the community.
3.4 Build a sustainable future: We must demonstrate a clear focus on environmental sustainability.

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