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Values, Principles & Approach

To deliver responsive and progressive places for investment, working and lifestyle.

Values, Principles & Approach

Georges River Economic Development Strategy takes a place-based approach to setting out a plan for local economic development, whereby Georges River Council enables and facilitates economic growth.

Strategy Aim

THEME 1: Building on local jobs for local people for a ‘local’ lifestyle.
THEME 2: Attractive and healthy places to work live and invest in – day and night.
THEME 3: Growing a progressive, innovative, diverse and productive economy.

Strategy Objectives

Sets out the why and how to grow the local economy.
Outlines key characteristics, opportunities and challenges across the local government area (LGA) and for each key and emerging centre as part of growing the local economy.
Provides meaningful themes, goals and actions for delivery and measurable review.
Supports employment and fosters business growth, innovation and resilience.

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