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Values, Principles & Approach

In 2020, the Geelong Region is Australia’s most desirable destination for living, visiting and investing; it is renowned for its vibrant, cohesive community, exceptional physical environment and vigorous economy.

Values, Principles & Approach

Strategic Focus Area 1: Strategic and Integrated Transport Infrastructure
Strategic Focus Area 2: Vibrant and Active Region
Strategic Focus Area 3: Coordinated Delivery of Critical Growth Infrastructure
Strategic Focus Area 4: Learning and Innovation
Strategic Focus Area 5: Investment Ready

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

Identify strategic objectives.
Prioritize new and existing economic development opportunities.
Identify opportunities that will lead to an increase in wealth, prosperity and regional standards of living Identify the genuine competitive advantage of the G21 region.
Produce a compelling and evidence-based map showing how to ‘build value’ into the G21 regional economy.
Provide advice on the most appropriate governance model to implement the strategy.

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