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Values, Principles & Approach

The South-East is Western Australia’s most desirable regional destination for lifestyle, work, unique experiences and investment. It is recognised for its vibrant, welcoming communities, pristine environment and diverse economy.

Values, Principles & Approach

Regional Initiatives
• Business Incubator & Business Service Centre
• Esperance Port Expansion
• Regional Investment Fund
• Regional Energy Supply
• Agricultural Lands Release
• Regional Mobile Communications and National Broadband Network
• Regional Tourism Expansion

Strategy Aim

• More jobs, higher income (employment levels, average wages levels).
• Greater economic diversity (employment diversity, diversity of economic activity).
• Stronger population growth (population growth).
• Enhanced regional competitiveness (gross regional product, building approval levels, visitor nights).

Strategy Objectives

1. Supportive business environments
• Engage proactively and often with local businesses
• Encourage existing businesses to flourish
2. Attraction and retention of knowledge and investment
• Develop the tools to market the region
• Create a welcoming environment for outside business capital
• Draw attention with a clear message
3. Sustainable growth supported by innovative industry
• Connect local needs with local solutions
• Activating public spaces to encourage market-based activity
4. A wealth of diverse and quality employment opportunities
• Facilitate discussions between businesses and schools
• Fill specialised positions through talent attraction

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