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Values, Principles & Approach

Darebin will have a positive and connected business environment with a dynamic and diverse economy that has sustainable growth and operations and generates local employment opportunities.

Values, Principles & Approach

Key Strategic Directions
Employment and Skills
Business and Industry
Business Support
Environmental Sustainability

Strategy Aim

To build a ‘brand’ which promotes Darebin as a liveable City full of economic, social, art, cultural and educational experiences.
To provide Darebin residents the opportunity and capability to participate in the local workforce.
To assist business and industry to diversify and maximize opportunities for business development.
To provide effective support to businesses in Darebin.
To create more sustainable businesses in Darebin

Strategy Objectives

Enhance pathways to learning and employment Strengthen linkages with employment related networks and increase participation in local employment initiatives.
Improve the capability of businesses to source employment locally Promote programs and enterprises that assist the employment needs of a diverse community.
Encourage the use of new technology and innovative ideas that optimize business development.
Support industry in the transition to a knowledge economy.
Nurture and encourage emerging and diverse businesses.
Encourage a strategic approach to business to facilitate future investment.
Deliver high quality events that meet the needs of business.
Improve communication with business to provide relevant research, information and assistance.
Support a business focused approach to facilitate a positive experience and increase employment.
Encourage existing businesses to work towards zero net emissions.
Attract and support green businesses in Darebin.
Increase the awareness of environmentally sustainable practices amongst businesses and promote their successes.

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