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Values, Principles & Approach

Corrigin is a central location for health services and the region’s ageing population Corrigin is the main servicing centre for passing traffic on the Brookton Highway and is considered a tourism destination Corrigin attracts downsizers, lifestyle residents and workers employed across the region Corrigin attracts a greater proportion of government investment and attention

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

To achieve growth in the Shire’s economy through a collaborative approach to Corrigin’s development.

Strategy Objectives

 P1.1. Attract Non-Government Home Care Providers
 P1.2. Expand ‘Elderly Persons’ Accommodation Options
 P1.3. Expand Health Services Provision
 P2.1 Improve Highway and Town Entry Signage
 P2.2. Expand Online Promotion of Town and Businesses
 P2.3. Expand Visitor Services
 P2.4. Expand Legal Off-Road Trails and Tracks
 P2.5. Establish Tourism Brand for Corrigin
 P2.6. Improve Accommodation Options
 P2.7. Attract Charter and Recreation Flights
 P2.8. Attract Tour Bus Services
 P2.9. Expand Event Visitation
 P3.1. Develop Granite Rise
 P3.2. Attract Service Industry and Commercial Businesses
 P4.1. Improve Regional Stakeholder Collaboration
 P4.2. Promote Corrigin Opportunities to Regional Stakeholders
 P4.3. Explore and Apply for Relevant External Grant Opportunities

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