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Values, Principles & Approach

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Values, Principles & Approach

Social Objective: Wellbeing
Environmental Objective: Sustainability
Economic Objective: Prosperity
Cultural Objective: Opportunity
Governance Objective: Leadership

Strategy Aim

Developing the community’s quality lifestyle by making living easy and ensuring that the Copper Coast is South Australia’s lifestyle location of choice to live and visit, through active facilitation of social, environmental, economic, cultural and governance initiatives in a high growth region.

Strategy Objectives

Social Objective: Wellbeing - To enhance the quality of life of our community by encouraging health, wellbeing and safety.
Environmental Objective: Sustainability - To responsibly manage the natural and built environment to ensure its sustainability and diversity to the community.
Economic Objective: Prosperity - To facilitate economic prosperity, balanced growth and the enhancement of the Copper Coast.
Cultural Objective: Opportunity - To promote community identity by supporting rich lifestyle experiences including arts, heritage, culture and leisure activities.
Governance Objective: Leadership - To provide leadership and ensure community resources are managed efficiently and effectively

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