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Values, Principles & Approach

In 2017—
• With our heart in a strong mining industry … we will be a pivotal provider of services to the mining community.
• As the most prolific opal region in the world … we will have nurtured the opal mining industry to meet demand from national and international markets.
• As a globally unique tourist destination … we will offer a satisfying outback experience with transport links to other Australian icon destinations.
• As a home town to our local community … we will have created an environment where our residents have a sense of personal safety and social wellbeing, and are able to access health, housing, education, child care, policing, sporting facilities and recreation services that meet the expectations of young people, young families and an ageing population, ensuring a high standard of living in a prosperous local economy.
• As a remote township … we will have a culture of proud independence, freedom and autonomy, while working together across the community for the common good.
• As one of Australia’s most ethnically diverse populations … our inclusive attitude, seen in our social programs and community governance, will be a model to all.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1. Enhance the economic prosperity of Coober Pedy.
1.1. Promote Coober Pedy as a remote mining hub
1.2. Encourage mining and mining service businesses to base operations in Coober Pedy
1.3. Encourage local entrepreneurs to tap into the opportunities created by mining activity
1.4. Improve the availability of trade skills
1.5. Boost employment by bridging skill gaps
1.6. Diversify tourism beyond opal, underground living and the outback experience
1.7. Strengthen air transport links
1.8. Reinvigorate the opal industry
1.9. Encourage the development of Aboriginal businesses
1.10. Identify and develop opportunities for substantial Aboriginal cooperative and joint venture enterprises

2. Improve the social wellbeing of Coober Pedy.
2.1. Strengthen health and aged care services
2.2. Increase the housing stock
2.3. Construct a short stay accommodation facility
2.4. Ensure the future of the local TAFE campus
2.5. Increase child care availability and upgrade facilities
2.6. Invest in sport, recreation and leisure infrastructure and programs
2.7. Improve community safety and security

3. Upgrade the visual amenity of Coober Pedy without compromising its character.
3.1. Continue to upgrade the main street—thoughtfully
4. Increase community participation in the leadership of Coober Pedy.
4.1. Develop community leadership capability
4.2. Increase local Aboriginal involvement in community decision making

5. Sustain local government services.
5.1. Maintain the District Council’s financial position
5.2. Ensure the continued availability of electricity and water at a sustainable long-run cost
5.3. Continue to provide essential local government infrastructure
5.4. Continue to deliver essential local government services
5.5. Develop a 10-year population masterplan

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