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Values, Principles & Approach

A connected, sustainable and thriving Coffs.

Values, Principles & Approach

Champion business, innovation and technology to stimulate economic growth and local jobs;
Attract people to work, live and visit;
Prepare to exploit opportunities now and in the future;
Create and manage vibrant public places;
Effectively manage the planning and provision of regional public services and infrastructure.

Strategy Aim

To achieve a degree of sufficient consensus on the key economic development priorities facing the LGA, in order to guide decision making by Council, State and Federal agencies, business and the wider community.

Strategy Objectives

The LGA needs to grow it’s capacity to become a more diverse economy. It is currently overly reliant on a relatively narrow, seasonal and cyclical base (agri-food, tourism, construction) which, in the absence of any remedial strategic action, increases the potential risk exposure of it’s growth plans.
The LGA needs younger people to provide vitality, fill jobs and provide services, and increase economies of scale. As the population ages, workforce participation declines and the rate of economic growth naturally slows, while an ageing population creates demand for additional services and infrastructure.
The LGA needs to attract business investment and skilled workers, energy and ideas (eg active Sea and Tree Changers). In order to ensure the Coffs Harbour LGA is not left behind, compared to other regional cities, Council and the community need to proactively identify and exploit sustainable yet untapped opportunities.

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