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Values, Principles & Approach

An exceptional quality of living for all, with opportunities available for people of all ages and abilities.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

To understand economic processes in the Council area (as it sits within the broader region, state and global economy), and determine actions by Council and its partners that accelerate economic growth.

Strategy Objectives

1. Build the skill base of the district so that businesses grow and locals can enjoy viable, stimulating career paths.
2. Activate promotion and marketing to prospective visitors to drive up visitation and expand the value of the visitor economy.
3. Promote sustainable practices that enhance natural ecologies, capitalise on renewable energy, preserve water resources, and ensure business viability in an era of climate change.
4. Implement planning and development policies and practices that preserve and enhance the amenity of the district, encourage economic diversity, attract new residents, and support business investment - particularly in iconic 'hero' tourism product.
5. Develop and promote the amenity of the district to attract new residents, businesses and visitors.
6. Maintain good communication and innovation networks between Council, RDA YMN, industry leaders, local businesses and community groups to support the growth of a 'can do' enterprise culture.

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