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Values, Principles & Approach

Council’s vision is to retain our unique tropical lifestyle whilst valuing our exceptional natural environment and create a balanced, sustainable economy

Values, Principles & Approach

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council Economic Development Plan will provide increased coherence and coordination with other Council plans delivering actions and outcomes that act on strategies defined in the five pillars as
1. Marketing the Cassowary Coast Region
2. Building Partnerships
3. Workforce Development
4. Enabling Infrastructure
5. Planning for the future

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

• Acknowledging the contribution of existing local businesses and encouraging new business investment;
• Understanding the strain put on traditional industries in the agricultural and tourism sectors through both the global financial crisis and natural occurrences;
• Supporting new technologies and growth in the electronic commerce and services;
• Expanding the levels of professionally qualified people in the region, including skilled trades and other technical people in the region;
• Recognising the opportunities from innovative and newly emerging industry sectors;
• Supporting local businesses to achieve ‘world’s best practice’ and engagement beyond the region;
• Ensuring equal opportunity and high levels of service for the community;
• Encouraging and facilitating collaboration between all levels government, business and other relevant stakeholders.

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