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Values, Principles & Approach

Our vision to connect Canning’s residents, visitors and workers with their city centre and create a welcoming place that is safe, accessible, fun and commercially productive. A revitalised City Core will turn Canning inside out and create new opportunities for people to live and work in a compact, comfortable and rewarding community. Canning will come to life through a rich experience of shaded streets and public spaces that are active day and night. There will be diverse activities and attractions for people of all ages, reflecting a forgotten history and leveraging the beauty of the Canning River. New partnerships will unlock Canning's potential to drive sustainable development and growth, and position it as a key retail, business and investment destination. We will deliver on the promise of an exciting future and create one of Perth’s most significant metropolitan centres

Values, Principles & Approach

Based upon a detailed understanding of Canning’s economic context, the strategic direction of CCCEDS, its performance standards and proposed initiatives are based upon four interrelated principles. These are:
1. Achievement of the economic function envisaged by the designation of Canning as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre within Directions 2031 and SPP 4.2
2. Integration of Canning City Centre into the broader South-East sub-regional strategic economy
3. Capture of a full-range of economic transactions from residents from within the activity centre’s primary and secondary catchments
4. Strong interrelationships between activity centre uses to encourage the overlapping of localisation and urbanisation economies, and to encourage expenditure capture through multi-purpose trips

Strategy Aim

A re-energised city centre with a community heart that is connected, accessible, vital and resilient.
Working together with community, private sector and government partners, our aim to revitalise Canning City Centre under a shared vision and place values:
• Connected - Canning City Centre will be a connected place that celebrates its heritage as a commercial hub focussed on trade, movement, the river and people. It will be a place that puts people first, including residents, businesses and visitors
• Accessible - We will create a welcoming place, easy to get to and move through, with fresh, green and open meeting places and spaces, a revitalised train station and pedestrian and cycle ways that connect to the river
• Resilient - We will create a place that inspires people to take another look by delivering resilient and innovative design. We will focus on our buildings, their landscape setting and visibly improve our public spaces and underutilised areas
• Vital - Actively demonstrating Canning City Centre’s vital position as the south east’s primary retail, business and investment destination, we will build a positive investment climate through a strong vision, commercial leadership and credible partnerships that create a shared platform for growth
• Re-energised - We will be a place that is safe, fun and leisure orientated - day and night, from the Greyhounds to the Cinemas; the river to cafes; from Carousel to Coker Park, through to our people and places

Strategy Objectives

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