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Values, Principles & Approach

A vibrant place to live, grow and visit, with a thriving, diverse and healthy lifestyle.

Values, Principles & Approach

Our values:
Thriving: We have great opportunity, with prosperous businesses and happy communities.
Diverse: Our varied communities and environments make Campaspe a place for all kinds of people.
Healthy: We are active, connected and well and care for our natural urban and rural surroundings.

Our approach:
Growing the economy.
Being proactive, responsive and open for business.
Being a great place to live, work and invest.

Strategy Aim

Improving business and investor confidence
Diversifying the economy
Improving productivity
Creating jobs and increasing investment
Increasing capacity to attract and develop a skilled workforce
Strengthening trade linkages with regional, metro and export
Improving connectivity
Improving awareness and promotion of the Shire.

Strategy Objectives

To assist existing business and new enterprise through the provision of information, assistance, referral and support.
To act as an advocate for new business development.
To improve communication links, knowledge sharing and create partnerships by facilitating forums, business networks and discussion.
To ensure appropriate infrastructure is available to facilitate economic development for business and industry.
To work in partnership with government and non-government organisations to progress economic development opportunities or respond to key threats to the local economy.
To provide a high standard of customer service and strong customer service image to assist business expansion and attract business investment

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