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Values, Principles & Approach

In the year 2040, the local economy of the Camden Local Government Area is sustainable, diverse and flourishing, and the benefits are received and enjoyed by local people. A diverse range of business and industry has located and invested in the Camden and Macarthur areas because this is a sought‐after location, an environment that is known to support and sustain local enterprises. Local small businesses are flourishing, and have access to the information and support that they need to be sustainable over time. The local and regional economy support entrepreneurial pursuits, innovation, and technology. More of our community are employed locally because there are enough jobs in the region, and local residents have the necessary skills needed to make up the local workforce. Working locally means that Camden residents enjoy a greater quality of life through less time travelling and more time in leisure, family and community activities. Camden's young people are an important part of the local and regional economy, and are educated, motivated and skilled. They have access to a range of high quality learning and development opportunities, and are well‐supported by the community to reach their full economic and social potential. Town centres in the Camden area are vibrant and appealing community and commercial hubs, providing a rich diversity of retail, social, leisure, employment and business opportunities. New centres provide a range of new business and recreational opportunities, particularly Leppington located on the train line, and established centres continue to thrive and develop. Camden town continues to reflect the country town heritage and lifestyle of its past, and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Camden's local economy has a cultural richness because not only does it reflect and celebrate the heritage and lifestyle of its past, but it is characterised by a commitment to and celebration of learning, creativity, community connectedness, the sharing of stories and experiences, and the diverse people and communities that make up this place.

Values, Principles & Approach

• A dynamic, modern, urban place
• Unique history and rural backdrop
• Urban development and population growth

Strategy Aim

• LGA is sustainable, diverse and flourishing;
• Diverse range of business and industry located and invested;
• Local small businesses are flourishing;
• Business has access to information and support;
• Support for entrepreneurialism, innovation and technology;
• Local employment, skills matching workforce;
• Young people are educated, motivated and skilled with access to learning;
• Town centres are community and commercial hubs;
• Reflect country town heritage and cultural richness8

Strategy Objectives

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