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Values, Principles & Approach

We will understand the needs of our local businesses and work with industry to support economic activity that enhances the prosperity, safety and quality of life within our local communities.

Values, Principles & Approach

In order to ensure measurable outcomes, the Strategy is based on the following principles:
1. All activities should create outcomes that link to long term strategic goals of the Town of Cambridge, described in the Strategic Community Plan 2017 | 2027
2. Activities should be prioritised based on the sound assessment of business need and value for money, considering both economic and social benefits
3. The value of activities should be measurable under a universal framework of assessing impact versus the application of resources.

Strategy Aim

to meet the needs our business community and attract new businesses to service our increasing population

Strategy Objectives

1. Provide a high standard of communication and business support
2. Develop our unique centres to support population growth and attract high quality employment
3. Manage the activation of our centres and shared public spaces
4. Improve transport connections for centres and local businesses

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