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Values, Principles & Approach

A resilient and diverse economy providing for our community in a sustainable manner.

Values, Principles & Approach

Enterprising Byron 2025 has been developed with a mindfulness of four guiding principles that clearly represent the sentiment of community and the desire to hold true to community values. Economic development activity should:
1. Leverage and enhance Byron’s strengths and our emerging opportunities;
2. Sustain our sense of place, maintaining the integrity of our people and our brand;
3. Create economic enablers and support sustainable practices; and
4. Show leadership, work cooperatively and seek out collaborative partnerships.

Strategy Aim

1. Accelerate employment generation and work creation;
2. Create resilient communities and build community capacity;
3. Retain and attract industry and private/public investment.

Strategy Objectives

Enterprising Byron 2025 has nine strategies designed to deliver on the key objectives:
1. Foster local business/employer retention and expansion
2. Nurture entrepreneurship and innovation for work creation
3. Develop industry access to new and expanding markets
4. Develop the full potential and capacity of Byron’s towns, villages and rural lands
5. Facilitate partnerships with Council and other Government agencies
6. Activate workforce development, skills and training for future needs
7. Promote an attractive investment environment
8. Secure industry competitive and comparative advantage
9. Guide and inform investment with good decision making resources

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