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Values, Principles & Approach

A united and inspired community, valuing country and our heritage, working together for the future of our people and lands.

Values, Principles & Approach

• Make the Shire an attractive and safe place for visitors to stop and stay;
• Provide an array of products and services aligned with an Aboriginal cultural experience;
• Increase the likelihood that all businesses, existing and new, are successful.

Strategy Aim

To meet the needs of existing businesses through the provision of support and training, the need for promotions and advertising, as well as the need to improve the Shire’s image and reputation, which will contribute to more customers coming to shops.

Strategy Objectives

• Identify the economic and tourism opportunities available to the Shire after consideration of just what are the Shire’s strengths and what makes it unique;
• Seize those opportunities that have the best potential to succeed; and
• Improve the economic sustainability of the community.

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