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Values, Principles & Approach

To pursue strategic economic opportunities and partnerships to facilitate growth of the local and regional economy.

Values, Principles & Approach

Council's proposed vision document - Blacktown City 2030 takes a pragmatic and practical approach for achieving its vision.

Strategy Aim

Advocating for those things that will stimulate investment in Blacktown;
Promoting its vision for the future;
Partnering with organisations to improve those parts of our local economy that need strengthening; and
Supporting small business.

Strategy Objectives

Leadership: Council broaden its influence on matters of economics and regional strategic planning; in other words those things that are currently barriers to the City's progress.
People: To strengthen the local labour force, through influencing education and learning institutions.
Diversity: To remain an attractive area for investment, and to create more higher order commercial employment – or those service and knowledge sectors that both business and consumers rely upon.
Business: To create an environment that helps support and enable small business to grow.
Infrastructure: To apply a sustained and long-term advocacy program to ensure public transport and other types of infrastructure are planned for and provided over the long term.

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