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Values, Principles & Approach

1. Embracing business and a stronger economy: A Council that recognises the importance of a strong economy, and fosters a culture that is supportive of business and ensures the business development of the region is a central consideration in all its activities.
Economic Focus Area – Business Support
2. Providing the foundations: To create a desirable and vibrant place through improved planning, infrastructure and services.
Economic Focus Area – Infrastructure
Economic Focus Area – Technology
3. Embracing opportunity: A region that embraces opportunities and attracts investment to create additional jobs and increase the wealth of the region and its residents.
Economic Focus Area – Connections
4. Partnering for success: A community that works together to provide the necessary skills to maximise meaningful employment opportunities.
Economic Focus Area – Education & Skills
5. Enhancing visitor experiences: Providing opportunities for local residents and visitors to experience the unique social, cultural and natural attractions of the region.
Economic Focus Area – Visitation

Values, Principles & Approach

Keeping local businesses: Keeping the Businesses we have vibrant and economically sustainable.
Growing local businesses: Providing opportunity for strong local businesses to expand and grow.
Attracting new businesses: Enticing new business development to occur in the Shire.

Strategy Aim

Advocating Recommending a course of action to other levels of Government.
Facilitating Connecting stakeholders to achieve an outcome.
Supporting Collaborating with stakeholder through direct assistance, whether that be
financial or resource assistance.
Delivering Providing the outcome directly.

Strategy Objectives

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