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Values, Principles & Approach

Bayside will be Victoria’s most attractive place to live and work, with new growth and investment in a local economy and business community increasingly structured around innovative, knowledge and service oriented enterprises.

Values, Principles & Approach

Protecting lifestyles which has the potential to limit some growth opportunities while balancing the needs of resident and working populations;
Encouraging appropriate skills-based industry and services;
Facilitating the provision and maintenance of suitable business and community infrastructure;
Facilitating collaboration and business linkages to support expansion of the current enterprise base;
Promoting the economic wellbeing of residents throughout all stages of their lives, from education in childhood to retirement incomes in senior years.

Strategy Aim

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Strategy Objectives

1. To support the City’s business community as an important local employer, investor and contractor of services.
2. To achieve sustainable growth will include:
• streamline and improve policies;
• appropriate local laws;
• planning policy aligned to Council’s strategic objectives;
• partnerships established with the community to ensure desirable;
• sensitive and conforming economic development.
3. To facilitate local business initiatives and collaboration.
4. To deliver physical and social infrastructure to maximise the climate for targeted and sustainable investment in the city.
5. To provide local access to, State and Commonwealth industry and economic development programs for businesses and community organisations.

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