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Values, Principles & Approach

Capitalising on its strategic location, its agricultural heritage and its outback setting, Balonne Shire will be a location of choice in which to work, live, visit and invest, supported by innovation in a diversity of traditional and emerging new industries.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

To foster a vibrant economic environment to facilitate the development of sustainable opportunities and business development.

Strategy Objectives

1. Prioritise initiatives that support the development of the Shire’s economic ‘pillars’ and key sectors in sheep, cattle and other grazing, horticulture, grain and cotton, transport and logistics and tourism and events, with an emphasis on value-adding to diversify the Shire’s economic base.
2. Prioritise activities that support the growth of new ‘knowledge-based’ industries in education, health care, agri-business and other business services.
3. Proactively promote a partnership approach to tourism promotion and development, working in collaboration with other local and regional tourism organisations and the industry to enhance regional branding, marketing, product development, visitor servicing and support infrastructure.
4. Pro-actively support the Balonne Shire’s micro, small to medium-sized and larger businesses to address shared challenges and opportunities for business investment, growth and development.
5. Promote Balonne Shire to prospective investors, using a strategic, informed and targeted approach consistent with the Shire’s vision for economic development.

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