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Values, Principles & Approach

Ballina Shire is a vibrant and engaging place, built on its beautiful natural amenity and lifestyle character, where Council leadership and strong business network support entrepreneurial opportunities that contribute to the shire’s prosperity and quality of life.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

Identify the key drivers and opportunities for economic development in Ballina Shire and the Far North Coast region;
Consider national and international economic contexts driving economic change in the region;
Set out Council’s vision and role in economic development; and
Identify actions that Council will pursue to support opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation over the next 10 years.

Strategy Objectives

Support the development of a strong entrepreneurial culture – A strong entrepreneurial culture is one that welcomes new ideas, and where the knowledge, resources and skills are available to enable potential entrepreneurs to identify and pursue business opportunities.
Build confidence through leadership – Providing stable, proactive and decisive leadership will provide business owners and entrepreneurs with confidence to invest, take a risk on establishing a new business or relocate to the shire.
Attract key anchor industries and talent – Attracting potential growth industry sectors and highly skilled workers/entrepreneurs to relocate to the shire could help anchor innovation and support jobs growth by increasing export income, deepening the local talent pool and driving the development of new businesses through spin-offs and associated service industries.
Provide proactive community engagement and communication – Engaging with the local resident and business community on council projects and programs and promoting the activities and attractions of the shire to residents, visitors and businesses.

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