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Values, Principles & Approach

Theme 1: Regional Development – The Capital of Western Victoria: Ballarat will consolidate its position as the capital of western Victoria over the next 20 years. The communities of western Victoria will look to Ballarat to meet their higher order retail, service, business, institutional, entertainment, recreation and cultural needs. Ballarat will achieve this status by building on its existing regional role to provide enhanced services and facilities, including enhanced government services and facilities and infrastructure linkages.
Theme 2: Economic Growth and Diversification – Australia’s Premier High Tech & Knowledge Based Regional Economy: Ballarat will build on its strengths to become the premier high tech and knowledge based regional economy in Australia. The city’s diversified knowledge-based economy – defined by higher education, health services, research, manufacturing, information technology and business services - will grow, integrate and evolve to generate significant new investment and jobs, including a large number of highly skilled jobs. Workers from around Australia will look to relocate to Ballarat to access its high quality job and lifestyle opportunities.
Theme 3: Capitalizing on Population Growth - A Bigger and More Diverse Community: Ballarat will accommodate a much larger and more diverse population as the local economy grows and diversifies and the city’s status as regional capital and nationally significant knowledge-based economy reaches new levels. Inward migration of people will accelerate as the city embraces and facilitates growth by providing appropriate housing, retailing and other services, in partnership with other spheres of government and the business community.

Values, Principles & Approach

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Strategy Aim

Laying the foundations for Ballarat to continue its growth and development embracing elements of the new economy such as information, communications and telecommunications while retaining its core and fundamental strengths in key industries such as manufacturing.

Strategy Objectives

Economic Growth and Transformation - actively nurturing opportunities for local firms to deliver productivity gains, improved participation levels and ongoing economic and industry growth resulting from Ballarat’s strong forecast population growth.
CBD Activation – driving the activation of Ballarat’s CBD to further develop one of the city’s economic turbines.
Innovation – improving the quality of economic activities through innovation to achieve an increase in standard of living.
Building Capacity From Within
a) improving the capabilities of local firms to positively influence economic growth and employment creation
b) Building and developing key economic sectors including health, retail, manufacturing, education, tourism, construction, business services, information communications and telecommunications and agriculture.

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