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Values, Principles & Approach

Growth in Alexandrina’s economy will deliver an improved standard of living to its communities and will be driven by continuing enhancements in productivity and innovation. The opportunities provided by the unique characteristics of Alexandrina’s towns, the environment, our history, our quality produce, and the skills and experience of our labour force, will attract businesses and investment to Alexandrina. Alexandrina will retain its distinctive identity, will be well-connected to the surrounding region and will be the location of choice for new businesses and investment.

Values, Principles & Approach

General principles that will guide Alexandrina Council’s activities in supporting and developing the local economy:
1 Alexandrina Council is committed to facilitating economic development and developing a local economy that is diverse, innovative and adapts quickly and effectively to change.
2 Alexandrina Council will promote, facilitate, co-ordinate and be pro-active in the development of economic opportunities for Alexandrina.
3 Alexandrina Council will provide infrastructure and planning that contributes to the creation and maintenance of a supportive local business environment and will ensure the needs of the business community are considered when designing and delivering local infrastructure.
4 Alexandrina Council will actively promote Alexandrina as a location for business investment and tourism.
5 Alexandrina Council will work in partnership with other stakeholders at a local, regional, state and national level where there are clear benefits to be gained for the Alexandrina community.
6 Alexandrina Council will ensure that economic development is equally balanced with community wellbeing and environmental sustainability.
The following approach has been undertaken in the preparation of the Alexandrina EDS:
Stage 1 - Background Familiarisation: Included briefing with Project Steering Group; tour of the key landmarks throughout Alexandrina; review of existing relevant strategies and reports; analysis and review of economic statistics relevant to Alexandrina.
Stage 2 - Preparation of Discussion Paper: Preparation of a ‘Discussion Paper’ as a means of ‘starting the conversation’ relating to economic development in Alexandrina.
Stage 3 - Consult with Key Stakeholders: A series of workshops were held with the following key stakeholders:
- Business and community groups in Goolwa/Port Elliot/Middleton, Strathalbyn and Langhorne Creek
- Representatives of neighbouring Councils, Regional Development Australia and Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism
- Department managers at Alexandrina Council
- Elected Members of Alexandrina Council.
Stage 4 - Preparation of Draft EDS.
Stage 5 - Community Consultation on the Draft EDS. The draft EDS was placed on public exhibition from 16 February 2016 to 18 March 2016. Two community workshops were also held during this time. Submissions on the draft were also invited.
Stage 6 - Finalise EDS: Based on feedback from community consultation.

Strategy Aim

Creating, fostering and supporting existing businesses to grow, as well as attracting new business to the region.

Strategy Objectives

Investment and Business Attraction: To be the location of choice for new businesses and investment in the region
Infrastructure: To ensure sufficient quality infrastructure is provided that supports business efficiency and contributes to the quality of life of residents
Retaining and Training our Workforce and Businesses: To support local businesses so that they have the skills required to operate viably and are well-informed of relevant business trends and opportunities
Tourism – Create Memorable Experiences: To expand and improve the local tourism offer and create memorable experiences for visitors
Primary Production and Value-adding: Alexandrina will be renowned and acknowledged for its high-quality primary produce
The Local Wine Industry: To improve the global awareness of the local wine industry to a level where it is comparable with the competing wine regions
Alexandrina’s Town Centres: To support Alexandrina’s town centres as locations for employment and drivers of economic activity
Role of Place Management: To implement a place management process which builds upon existing place management activities and delivers sustainable and resilient town centres and communities in Alexandrina
Lifestyle: To protect and enhance the ‘lifestyle’ associated with living in Alexandrina.

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