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Values, Principles & Approach

The Adelaide Hills Arts and Heritage Hub will be a sustainable and distinctive facility, that offers exceptional cultural experiences and provides valuable social, educational and economic outcomes for the region.

Values, Principles & Approach

• Is the expenditure aligned with the strategic management plans of the Adelaide Hills Council?
• Are financial estimates in line with industry trends? • What are the direct and indirect financial benefits?
• What is the community benefit?

• How will it impact on the heritage of the site?
• Are their opportunities to showcase the site’s history?
• Is there a unique legacy opportunity?

• Can it provide for multiple groups / users?
• What can be included to ensure flexibility is maintained i.e. after-hours access, lighting, storage, entry points etc.
• How will people access it and move around easily within the context of use and program?

• Is there anyone out there doing this and can we complement / compete / partner with?
• What is the relevance in terms of other arts, heritage, tourism assets, routes in the Adelaide Hills Region?
• Who has the expertise, brand or reach that will help us?

• Is it best practice and of high-quality both in process and results?
• Does it foster innovation and experimentation?
• Is it respectful of the artistic spectrum from amateur / hobbyists to emerging and professional artists?
• Is it authentic to the nature of the facility?

• Is it aligned with the brand and will it contribute to the reputation of the facility?
• Has it been given the time it needs to develop organically with the appropriate support? – i.e. Activities don’t always achieve desired aims straight off.
• Is it consistent with the values, needs and expectations of the community / users?

Strategy Aim

• Increase visitation and spend in the region
• Increase the number of creative industry businesses in the region
• Preserve history and heritage of the site and conserve the mill site physical assets and infrastructure
• Increase participation in arts and cultural activities in the Adelaide Hills Region and improve the health and wellbeing of residents through creative initiatives
• Optimise use of the physical space, activation of that space and overall direct and indirect economic and social outcomes from the site

Strategy Objectives

Goal 1: Develop a facility that provides unique experience, fosters active participation in and interaction with arts and heritage, celebrates the identity of the region and provides social, cultural and economic benefit for individuals & the community
• Establish Textile as a key theme for the facility that crosses the spectrum of the art form from craft and hobby activities to cutting edge contemporary textile practice and positions the Hub as the home for Textile art in South Australia.
• Develop an activation program that encourages participation in and interaction with the arts by people of all ages and demographics.
• Provide support for artists to develop viable creative businesses, including the provision of spaces to work, opportunities to collaborate, facility to retail product; training, mentorships and incentives.
• Develop interpretive exhibitions that celebrate the stories of the site as a Mill, an historic brewery and the Indigenous culture of the region.
• Develop an Artist in Residence program that focuses on “place based” artistic outcomes including exhibitions and workshops.
• Capitalise on existing activity and strengthen relationships with community groups and schools from across the Adelaide Hills region to support the Hub’s activities.
• Provide spaces for hire that the community can use for cultural activity.

Goal 2: Establish the Hub as a unique cultural tourism destination that attracts visitors to Lobethal and encourages them to explore the Adelaide Hills Region.
• Develop key branding elements for the Hub including name, logo and key messaging.
• Develop and implement a marketing plan that effectively engages local, intrastate and interstate markets, uses a range of digital platforms and is aligned with Adelaide Hills Tourism and South Australian Tourism Commission plans and strategies.
• Develop a high-quality exhibition and performance / installation / screening program that celebrates the key artistic theme of Textile and offers visitors access to content and programs that cannot be found elsewhere.
• Establish a biennial Textile Award, Exhibition and National Textile Symposium.
• Develop physical, digital and printed collateral that links in with other artistic, heritage and tourism sites and resources including cycling, motor bike and bushwalking routes, the Adelaide Hills Sculpture trails, food, wine and retail attractions, other galleries, studios and community museums.
• Work with local community groups to develop projects that enhance existing activities and momentum such as the Lights of Lobethal Event.

Goal 3: Implement an effective Management Model for the Hub and evaluate its progress financially, culturally and socially.
• Foster partnerships with other organisations that can bring reputation and expertise.
• Develop relationships with Mill site tenants outside of the Hub precinct and identify opportunities for collaboration.
• Strengthen relationships with current arts and cultural user groups and support their growth and development.
• Establish a strong volunteering program to support the Hub activities.
• Recruit an Advisory Group that includes industry experts, community members and Adelaide Hills Council representatives and develop a Terms of Reference.
• Develop a consistent evaluation framework to assess the impact of the facility over time; in line with the mission, vision and goals.

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