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Local businesses are the lifeblood of your local economy. You need to keep your finger on the pulse and engage with the business community in a meaningful way.

The Local Business Barometer is an on-line platform for monitoring and engaging with your local business community. It helps you to regularly ‘take the pulse’ of local businesses and understand current trends, common issues and problems, and identify emerging economic opportunities.

Local governments, public agencies, business and community organisations can use the Local Business Barometer to monitor changes in the local business sector and develop responses to these. They can track specific issues and concerns and nurture continuous, interactive and constructive engagements with local businesses.

The Local Business Barometer has three elements–each can be customised to suit your needs:

  1. The Barometer. This is the core of the Local Business Barometer. It measures local business confidence and tracks changes in the local business community based on a set of core indicators (sales, employment, investment). In order to measure change, the barometer has to be conducted on a regular basis. We recommend once or twice a year.
  2. Current or Emerging Issues. You can use the Local Business Barometer to investigate any relevant current or emerging issues. For example, you may wish to gauge the views of the business community on local parking or to focus on the challenges being faced by retail traders or to look at how safety issues affect local businesses. While the core barometer questions stay the same over time, specific issues can be included or removed from one survey to the next.
  3. Engagement Platform. Using the Local Business Barometer successfully requires a long-term commitment to engaging with the business community. A one-off survey is not enough. The Local Business Barometer establishes and maintains a dynamic database of local businesses and creates an online platform for continued business engagement. This can be integrated with your current customer relations management system or any other online public engagement portals you use, or it can be a standalone business-engagement platform with designed to strategically stimulate and moderate continuous business interaction.

The Local Business Barometer provides up-to-date data on the state of the local business sector and helps to identify the key local issues affecting business performance. It provides you with the evidence base to make strategic decisions.

MyPlaceMatters will design the barometer to meet your needs and will manage the process from conception, to data collection, analysis and reporting. While the barometer is branded locally and according to your needs, we will manage the whole process, allowing you to get the results you want without the headaches.

The barometer is customised for your local economy’s profile and business sector, as well as your needs and interests. It is an important tool in making evidence-based policy and program decisions. The methodology and strategy used by the Local Business Barometer is based on extensive experience in business surveying in local areas and industry sectors. We propose a core set of questions along with a menu of additional fit-for-purpose questions customised to suit your needs. We also design a sampling frame that reflects the local business profile and your data requirements.

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