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MyPlaceMatters is a resource for anyone working in local and regional areas to develop the economy, create jobs and improve the quality of life.

Where we live, work, invest, and grow affects who we are. It defines us and how we approach the world. We take local actions based on our understanding of the world. We want to maximise our position and build on our competencies.

To succeed in this, you need to know how to assess your local economy, how to work better with local investors and businesses, how to build business capacities and competencies in global markets, and how to form coalitions between government, business and civil society.

None of this is easy, but you can learn from other localities spread across the country and around the world. You can keep up with new trends, technologies and strategies, and tap into current debates and best practices.

MyPlaceMatters is an Australian initiative to help you do this.

We help government policymakers and planners, town teams, business organisations, neighbourhood and community organisations, and other civic groups to build better, more prosperous, sustainable communities and vibrant, inclusive economies. We provide practical approaches, tools and resources–along with advice, research and training when required.

MyPlaceMatters provides quick explainers, practical tools, strategic intelligence, and fun ideas about how things are done in other parts of the world to help create more vibrant economies, better local jobs and a higher quality of life.

Who’s behind MyPlaceMatters?

Dr Simon White is the founder of MyPlaceMatters.

Simon in an international expert in private sector and economic development. With over thirty years’ advisory experience, Simon provides independent policy advice to governments, business organisations and development agencies, specialising in in business environment reform, entrepreneurship and innovation, regional and local economic development, and market systems development. Read more about Simon White here.

Information and services

National Database; Local Economic Development Strategies

MyPlaceMatters has compiled a one-stop database of all the regional and local economic development strategies. More than 290 strategies can be found here and this number is expected to grow.

Search for your local strategy and compare it with others. Search by name, state or by using the map. A brief summary of all strategies is provided, alongside links to the local council website, its economic development page and the strategy itself, which can be easily downloaded.

Click here to go to the National Database.

Local Business Barometer

Because local businesses are the lifeblood of your local economy, you need to keep a close watch on how they are doing. It is important to quickly identify local business trends, emerging barriers or constraints, and new opportunities for business growth and improving competitiveness. The Local Business Barometer provides a platform for you to do this.

MyPlaceMatters draws on its previous experience in area-based and industrial research to provide a easy to manage business barometer. Get in touch to discuss how we can tailor the Local Business Barometer to your needs, resources and aspirations.

Click here to go to the Local Business Barometer.

Practical Resources

MyPlaceMatters provides practical guides, templates and information products you can easily download and use. Each month, we’ll be adding new resources, so make sure you subscribe to keep up to date.

Click here to go to our collection of practical Resources.

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