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With over 70% of Australians living in cities, we’re a highly urbanised people. Cities connect us to one another and the world. Whether you live in the CBD or the suburbs, if you live and work in the city you need to know how to become more globally relevant and competitive. If you're a local or city government, you need to devise inclusive development strategies that draw in investors and develop specialist skills, while nurturing innovation and new start-ups.

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One in ten of us live in small towns with populations of less than 10,000 people. These towns are part of a diverse range of places that form the regional heart of our nation. If you leave in any of Australia's small towns, you need to understand the markets that will drive your economic growth, draw on your local assets and mobilise your community towards its preferred future.

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Regional Australia contributes one third of our national output and is home to 8.8 million Australians. Regions provide employment for one in three working Australians. If you live in regional Australia, you need to understand the links between the regional centres and their hinterlands, identify the factors that promote or inhibit growth, and improve the connections between competitive firms, workers, industries, and clusters.

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As an island, Australia is blessed with many coastal communities. Many coastal areas are struggling with economic, environmental and social change, often brought about by ‘sea changers’ and tourism. If you live in a coastal community, you need to know how to pursue a comprehensive, balanced, approach to managing growth and conservation.

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